The Mallard Snapback Khaki (Midday)


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The Mallard Snapback Collection

Khaki Version with the Mid-day Skyline 

Mid Day Flight Skyline . This patch is for those mid day mallards that are always worth the wait. Those long mid morning hours of waiting. How many times do you ask your buddies "think we should move the decoys? Should we take down the mojo? Should we put out the mojo? Should we try our other spot? How much more amazing each sip of coffee tastes when your entire body is frozen. To the sausage, biscuits and  breakfast in the blind, and you can go ahead and smile because you know damn well you always make a plate just as big as yours for that four legged hunter who's sitting next to you. Those long walks out with 5 limits of ducks, plus gear. Yeh,the trip in sucked, but on that victory walk out that gear now seems weightless. Those are just a few of the moments this patch represents to us!