The Guide Series Bottomland Original Pintail Brass Slideback


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The Guide Series Bottomland Original Brass Slideback

Amazing Polo style soft unstructured cotton fit with adjustable cotton strap with brass slide buckle. These fit amazing!

This signature Snapback was designed for our group of elite hunters who do whatever it takes to bag the next few limits of ducks. A Guide does not necessarily mean you work for a premier outfitter. A guide is one who teaches, but also listens. One who learns from his successors but also from his own mistakes. The one who enjoys the chase and loves to pass it on to others. The one who is behind the scenes for the dirty work preparation that it takes to successfully harvest limits. This hat was originally designed as an underground symbol for our elite hunters we have recognized who go above and beyond. Those that loose sleep over limits. These are our guides. Those that pass on the Swamp Assassin Lifestyle. With this, we introduce to you our Guide Series Brassbacks. 

*Adjustable cotton strap with brass slide buckle*