Swamp Assassin Pro Mystery Box Package

$175.00 $80.00

Swamp Assassin Pro Mystery Box Package

We are excited to release our Swamp Assassin Pro Mystery Box Package!

We wanted to combine our best products and put them into a package so you can get more bang for your buck! In each package you will receive (3) of our best selling Tees, (2) of our best selling snapbacks, (1) 16x24in Swamp Assassin Ole Glory Mancave Banners, (1) neoprene Swamp Assassin Koozie, and (4) Swamp Assassin Decals! In each package you will receive these items, a minimum of at least $170 worth of gear! You know we love our fans, so during this Christmas season we are also throwing in some extras in random boxes such as Hoodies, Jackets, extra decals, hats, you never know! Thank you so much for the support and be sure to let us know when you receive your package and send us photos to our Swamp Assassin Instagram! Post your package on instagram and tag us to win tons of other prizes! We will be sending out tons of FREE gear over the next few weeks to random followers who send us photos of their Mystery Box! 

How it works!

All you have to do is choose what size t shirt you would like and we will send you one of our best selling t shirts in your size along with the rest of your mystery box gear!

Be sure to post your Mystery Box Package to your instagram and tag us (we can't see your posts if your account is set to private). Feel free to send us a photo to our DM of your Mystery Package and you could win FREE Gear! We will be sending out 50 FREE Mystery Box Packages to random fans who post photos or videos (we love videos) of their package to instagram!

Whats Included in each package:

(2) Premium Swamp Assassin Snapback (retail value $50+)

(3) Premium Swamp Assassin T-Shirt (retail value $75+)

(1) 16x24 Swamp Assassin Ole Glory Mancave Banner (retail value $20)

(1) Swamp Assassin Neoprene Koozie (retail value $5)

(4) Swamp Assassin Decals (retail value $5 per decal)


***Each Mystery Box is different, check out the photos above to see examples of some of our Pro Mystery Boxes***