• Swamp Assassin Edition Hayes Turkey Calls


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    Perfect gift for the avid turkey hunter and Swamp Assassin Supporter. We only made 24 of each of our turkey calls with this design for the season and will not be remade. Heres a chance to get your hands on 1 of the 24. This call is available in either the Double Glass Pot Call Version or the Double Slate Version. 

    The Double Glass Version is made with of walnut and cherry with a double glass setting. Hands down absolute perfection. It includes a purple heart striker which gives those intense realistic high notes that send shivers up the spine. This call is one that should never leave the vest and our favorite Glass Pot Call from Hayes. The Swamp Assassin Beard Game On Point Logo is inlayed under the smokey glass. It also has the Hayes Calls Logo engraved on the bottom side as well. 

    The Double Slate Version is also made with walnut and cherry and is perfect for both Spring and Fall Turkey Hunting. It has the double slate setting with the Swamp Assassin Beard Game On Point Logo Engraved in the slate. It also has the Hayes Turkey Feather Logo engraved into the bottom side of the call. This call also comes with a Purple Heart Striker the helps push those intense realistic high notes and raspy lower end notes. 

    During our insane Grand Slam Tour with 9 personal birds under my belt in 3 weeks and 5 different states, both of these calls stood at my side. Neither of these calls will steer you wrong in the turkey woods. The glass pot calls seem to send out a little more vocal sound on those windy days or when in thick timber. With the glass version Im able to get a little more vocal and send out those higher tones that seem to travel the distance and also seem to catch their attention. You can still lay down those raspy lower end notes but for those notes I usually pull out the slate version and try to keep their attention and try to close the distance with the slate version. Cant wait to see you boys pile birds with these bad boys the rest of this season and next! Thanks for all the support and good luck out there in the turkey woods!