• "Rip" Rescue to Recovery Performance Tee and Decal


    Printed on high performance moisture wicking fishing shirts 

    Help our buddy "Rip" get better! We have made a special design for Rip to help get him to full recovery. We found "Rip" on the side of the road, right out front of a funeral home (where He got the name RIP) and he was in bad shape. We passed him on the highway on our way to town. He was on the opposite side of the road sitting on the white line and looking away from the road, which not only was he in a bad spot, he was beat down and could barely hold himself up. He was malnourished, scared, and in pain. He wouldn't get up when i walked up to him. Im sure to this point, everything was a stranger and everything was danger to him. With all of the floodwater, all the predators have been pushed up to the high ground, and in Rip's shape, he would not stand a chance fighting off a predator at this point. I walked up to him and he just lowered his head and just let me pick him right up. I was scared he would run or fall into the road but I could tell he had pretty much given up at that point. He was throwing in the hat. I set him down at my truck to see if he could walk, and he wouldn't walk on his leg. We got him to the vet and the vet said that he will be ok. He kept him a few days and got him eating and feeling a little better but said he will have to have heart worm treatment and that his test was a strong positive. He also ran tests on his leg and he believes his bad limp is from an older injury that was not tended to so we are trying to get the mobility back in his legs. Meagan's Dad is going to foster him at least during his recovery because we already have 5 and our rescues are a little rowdy and love to wrestle and tackle each other, and with Rip's condition we think its best for him to have some peace and quiet. We want to help make sure "Rip" gets better and that his days of neglect are over. He is the best dog you could ask for. Listens. Very well. You can let him outside and he just rolls around and lays in the grass, you let him inside and he just lays down and is so good. I think he's just taking it all in. He's just so thankful that someone picked him up and helped him before it was too late. 

    Most of you know we have a few rescues, and we care very much for not just our dogs but all dogs. We started Delta Strong after we found Delta and Tuff. Delta was in really bad shape when we found her and I thought we were going to have to put her down because of her hind legs were so infected. After a year of vet visits, trials, specialists, we could not get a grip on her legs. We made Delta her shirts for her operation in Auburn and she has now been able to fully recover! We want to continue the Delta Strong love and try to help Rip get back to good health! This shirt/decal combo will hopefully help Rip get back to full recovery! He's such an angel, if you are looking for a really calm, well behaved, very loving lab, let us know. We would love to find him the perfect forever home. If you would like to adopt him please contact us SwampAssassinHelp@gmail.com! Thanks so much for supporting our little buddy Rip! We will keep you all updated on his road to recovery!