Meet Lance Cpl. Jason Hallett of India Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. Jason was injured in Afghanistan back in 2010. He lost both of his legs, one of his arms and received other substantial injuries from an IED. We were recently blessed to be able to spend a week with him at The Swamp Whitetails in Alabama. The Burkes Family welcomed us into their absolutely amazing Ranch right outside of Birmingham Alabama. ( and allowed us to spend a week with Jason and Bam from the Wishes for Warriors Family. It was an amazing hunt but this trip and this organization (WishesforWarriors) is not all about the hunt. We spent a week together building friendships and relationships with each other. We were able to build that trust in each other and able to conquer things that most would believe impossible. Not only was Jason able to harvest a 192inch whitetail at this ranch, but we also were able to get him in on his first night coon hunt with dogs. He was able to blow up beaver dams with Tannerite. The Burkes Family and the The Swamp Family at the Ranch were nothing less than amazing. We cannot ask for a better trip and a better host ( If you are a supporter of Swamp Assassin and Wishes for Warriors you can smile as you are reading this. Your support for Swamp Assassin and our growth is what brought this opportunity at The Swamp Whitetails to the table. Your contributions to Wishes for Warriors is what helps fund these amazing trips for these amazing heroes. If you'd like to learn more about Wishes for Warriors visit every contribution helps put smiles back on these heroes faces! Follow them on instagram @wishes_for_warriors and @bambam0069